New Bullards Bar ARC Spillway

We have assisted Yuba Water Agency in evaluating the flood risk reduction benefits of its Atmospheric River Control (ARC) Spillway Project currently in design. This project aims to enhanced the flood protection provided to downstream urban and rural areas.

Our work has consisted of performing reservoir operations modeling for both flood risk management and dam safety evaluations and evaluating the effects of these operations downstream in the Yuba-Feather system. In this work we coordinated with YWA management, the project design team, and consultants investigating other aspects of the project. Our work was instrumental in illustrating the utility of this infrastructure and operational improvement and demonstrating to the YWA Board that supporting the continuation of the project design was prudent.

We are excited to continue to support YWA with the Secondary Spillway design, as well as trying to better defining the Secondary Spillway's operation through the update of the New Bullards Bar Water Control Manual with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and participation in the Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO) program.

Location: Marysville, CA

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