Company Culture


The primary way we promote our company cultures is through our values. These values aren't merely something we state on an employee's first day then forget about. We stress the importance of living the MBK values throughout an employee's career with MBK and specifically within our professional development process. This helps reinforce the values themselves and provide an oppoirtunity to exhibit how those values are exemplified in our day-to-day work.


It is important to us to make sure our company is a fun and exciting place to work. Our social committee, made up of many of our employees, functions to make sure there are numerous opportunities to engage outside of our typical working relationships. Past and currently ongoing events include company picnics, movie nights, bowling, birthday lunches, and book club. We also have a company newsletter, through which we are kept informed about each other.

We encourage our employees to pursue further education and individual professional development milestones. These include becoming a certified professional engineer, floodplain manager, water rights examiner, project management professional, or licensed surveyor, among others. We have supported our employees in their efforts to achieve these milestones both financially and by providing support for their study. We have also had our employees receive advanced university degrees while at MBK and have supported those endeavors.

Social Responsibility

We donate annually to both water-centric and other important organizations and charities in the places we do business. We also particpate in activities such as river and creek clean-ups to help sustain our valuable water resources.


The safety of our employees is paramount. We follow industry saftey standards, maintain safety equipment, and educate our employees on safety protocols. Safety is especially important in field work, where the nature of our business can place us in challenging environments.

MBK Picnic

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