Central Valley Hydrology Study Peer Review

The Central Valley Hydrology Study was a major undertaking by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) at a cost of approximately $10,000,000 over several years. DWR retained the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to conduct the study. The scope of work for the study included updating the flood hydrology for the entire Central Valley of California. Both existing conditions and those under various climate change scenarios were developed. This study’s results were used to form the basis for many critical flood management decisions in the Central Valley, including land development decisions and future investments in flood management infrastructure.

MBK represented a group of several key Central Valley flood management clients with vested interest in the execution and outcomes of the study. For our effort, we were retained several years prior to the completion of the study. Our role was to engage DWR and USACE staff to better understand the study as it was being developed and to provide feedback on the components of the developing study. As part of this work, we reviewed flow-frequency calculations, reservoir operations, and the development of regulated hydrologic routings for the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys. Through this interaction, we provided both formal and informal feedback which help shape the final direction and products of the study. The study is now complete; however, we continue to support these clients on implementation of the study results through flood management planning efforts and levee certification.

Location: various, CA

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