10 Questions with Anne Williams

What do you do for your job?
Analyze and report our clients water use, coordinate water supply and operations information, measure flow in canals/creeks, write expert testimony for litigation, measure groundwater levels.

How did you get into engineering?
My high school aptitude/career test told me that I should be a “Garbage Man” (yes it said Man) or a “Long Distance Truck Driver”. Obviously, those didn’t work out, so I ended up with my backup of “Engineer”.

What is the best part of your job?
Getting outside. I love exploring different parts of the state and seeing the landscape and water sources, especially when the trees are flowering.

What’s the best way to start the day?
Going to a spin class and then seeing the sun rise on the way home after. And hopefully then getting a shower and cup of coffee in before the baby wakes up.

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?
Make orange juice.

What’s the best single day on the calendar?
The Fourth of July.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?
National Park road trips.

Where is the most relaxing place you’ve ever been?
Breckenridge, Colorado with an evening snow fall.

What skill would you like to master?
Keeping my houseplants alive.

What’s worth spending more on to get the best?
Coffee beans.