10 Questions with Yuen Lenh

What do you do for your job?
As a member of the Water Rights team, I assist various clients with water use reporting, water transfers, and water supply and operations coordination.

How did you get into engineering?
When I was a kid, my dream was to be a superhero. As I grew older, I realized how slim my chances of being bitten by a radioactive spider were. So, when it came time to pick a “real” career path, I decided to use what existing powers I had, my strengths in math and science, to help people, and that led me to engineering.

What is the best part of your job?
Being around a lot of smart and fun people!

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
Write a book.

What job would you be terrible at?
Roadkill collector.

What skill would you like to master?
Speaking with a British accent.

When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?
Coming up with ice breakers.

What takes up too much of your time?

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
Florin High School.

What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?
I found $7 at a Forever 21 when I was 11 years old.