Klamath Basin Experience

MBK, through Marc Van Camp’s leadership, has been involved with the KWUA since 1996. Among MBK’s many project assignments was the completion and submittal of claims in the Klamath River Adjudication for a number of KWUA members. In 2002, MBK and Dan Keppen developed the KWUA Water Bank Report together, which was considered a critical step in initiating a water bank tool to assist in times of water supply shortages. MBK also participated in negotiations of the KBRA; prepared individual water management plans, and assisted with the preparation of and is participating with ongoing discussions of the Drought Plan pursuant to the KBRA. MBK has and is currently providing WRIMS modeling expertise to review and evaluate the Drought Plan and recent Biological Opinions. The current work effort on the Drought Plan will provide up-to-date knowledge relative to drought and extreme drought conditions in the Klamath Basin. MBK is preparing a report to provide an executive summary of the water bank activities that have occurred since 2002. This report is intended to provide KWAPA with a “jump start” on its efforts to develop and implement the OPP, and will be important for a foundation when a drought or extreme drought is declared pursuant to the KBRA’s Drought Plan. MBK has gained a detailed working knowledge of the WRIMS Klamath Project Operations model and is currently using this knowledge to assist KWUA in evaluating the impacts of various methods and approaches to comply with the current Biological Opinions.

Location: Klamath Falls, OR

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