SRSC Contract Administration & Operations

The Sacramento River Settlement Contractors (SRSCs) are various irrigation districts, reclamation districts, mutual water companies, partnerships, corporations, and individuals that divert water from the Sacramento River under water rights that were vested before the construction of the Central Valley Project began and now have Settlement Contracts with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation). The SRSCs manage water for various beneficial uses in the Sacramento Valley, including farms, birds and the Pacific Flyway, cities and rural communities, and fisheries. MBK Engineers aids many SRSCs with the administration and accounting of water under settlement contracts, water rights, and water transfers. In addition, the Water Rights team helps SRSCs coordinate operations of the Sacramento River with Reclamation and involvement from various fishery agencies, the State Water Resources Control Board, and other interested parties. Some of these efforts include forecasting analyses, diversion coordination and scheduling, and river level monitoring. MBK has been involved with the SRSC cooperation which unites all SRSCs for improved coordination and communication by the group as a whole.