The following tasks are part of our district engineer services provided:

  • Inspections to assist with maintenance plans
  • Preparation of maintenance plan with respect to engineering budget and outside funding source criteria
  • Preparation and filing of funding assistance applications and claims
  • Monitoring areas of continual problems and design of solutions
  • Surveying to monitor state of levee system
  • Preparation of plans and specifications for use in solicitation of bids for maintenance work
  • Contract administration for bid maintenance work
  • Inspection of maintenance work
  • Development of encroachment standards and evaluation of encroachment applications.
  • Representation at meetings and workshops with local, State, and Federal representatives in regard to all levee and drainage activities
  • Monitoring of legislative activity in regard to levee, drainage and water quality activities
  • Review and comment on permit applications affecting district which appear through the public notice process
  • Preparation and coordination of environmental documentation and regulatory permit applications
  • Regular reports to the district in regard to specific district concerns and general delta activities and flood control which may affect the district
  • Investigation and resolution of problems associated with irrigation and drainage facilities, such as pumps, siphons, and ditches
  • Environmental documentation and regulatory approval of maintenance activities

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