Check-in With Our Interns

This has been an admittedly interesting time to intern at MBK. Whether working remotely at home or in the field, this years interns have all demonstrated professionalism and enthusiasm during their work with us. We asked Lauren Chew (upper left), Lauren Maurer (upper right), Dustin Bohn (lower left), and Sophie Danielsen (lower right), their thoughts about something interesting they've learned or done since they began working with the team.

Lauren C. - "I’ve been able to refine my python skills and help develop data collection and visualization tools for MBK’s webapp. It has been a fast three weeks and I have so much more to learn. I’m grateful to have this opportunity at MBK".

Lauren M. - "Working at MBK has given me the opportunity to see the Sacramento area in a very different way; I never realized the extent of agricultural land it possessed and the key role water plays in maintaining that industry".

Dustin - "It has been an exciting experience this summer, between learning how expansive the water rights field is and having the opportunity for hands on experience.”

Sophie - "Something I enjoyed as an intern in the H&H group was the sense of accomplishment I got from the tasks I was working on. I appreciated that even in a relatively short internship I got to complete one part of a project and write a technical memorandum on it. At the same time I got to develop important technical skills, like running simulations and plotting figures in Python, and using LaTex to format documents".

We appreciate all their hard work!