The Truth about Water

Factual discussion of water resources engineering topics and issues

Part of our mission at MBK is to determine and communicate factual information about water. This blog provides us with a means to facilitate that communication with the water community.

We often either directly hear or come across articles, reports, social media posts, or other communication platforms which contain inaccurate information about important water resources issues. This erroneous information does a disservice to the community in that the underlying issues it relates to will then often become misunderdstood or mischaracterized. A difference in understanding among participants makes it difficult to craft solutiuons to those problems. With any issue, properly understanding and laying out factual information creates an equal baseline from which to begin to solve a problem.

While we don't know all the answers in water issues, there are often times when we feel the need to speak up to correct a misunderstanding or contribute factual information for the water community's betterment. This blog is one of the places we will do that.

With the mindset of serving the community, if there are particular items of interest that you would like to see, please contact us to let us know. We would be happy to see if we can contribute something unique and meaningful in those areas.

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Appropriate Use of a Computer Model

Computer models have revolutionized many areas of water engineering. Models allow us to make rapid calculations and produce answers to our engineering questions very quickly. This post examines when it's ok to use a computer model and when such use can become harmful.
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